First Session

Your first meeting with me will be an assessment session which will last around 40 minutes (and no longer than 50 minutes).  This will involve me asking you some questions to help me get to know you and gauge whether I am the right person to work with your needs.  It also gives you an opportunity to find out how I work and for you to decide if you would like to work with me. 

We will discuss what you wish to gain from therapy, your expectations and what is realistically achievable.  If we decide to begin your therapy, we will arrange your next session.  Counselling sessions last 50 minutes and are usually weekly but we will agree your specific needs in this assessment session.

Sessions are offered online, so you benefit from face to face therapy without having to leave your home, in the room or a mix of both.

Future Sessions

The most successful therapy is experienced when clients feel comfortable and safe with their therapist and honest and open communication is paramount in this outcome.

As we work together, I will always encourage you to be open and honest with me, as I will be with you.  At intervals throughout the duration of your therapy, I will enquire how you are finding the therapy with your end goal in mind.  

Your sessions provide a time and space for you to be yourself, to offload and be heard, to explore what has brought you into counselling and to help you better understand yourself and what’s happening for you.  Your therapy is about you and no one knows you better than you know yourself.  I will not advise or suggest what you should do but in helping you understand yourself, enable you to make those choices and decisions.